KANSAS - Pie #16 of 50 - Emily Foelske 

I have never been to Kansas!
All I knew of Kansas before this was from watching The Wizard of Oz so you know Tornados and it being no place like it according to Dorothy. I had also heard from my buddy Chuck about how boring it was to drive through cause it's so gosh dang flat!

Did some light Kansas factual reading and found of the following things:
Did you know that Smith County, KS is the geographical center of the 48 contiguous states.
Sumner County, KS is known as "The Wheat Capital of the World" in 1997 Kansas produced a record of 492.2 million bushels on wheat! That's enough to make 35.9 billion loaves of bread. THAT'S A WHOLE LOT OF CARBS!
Fun fact! At one time it was against the law in Kansas to serve ice cream on cherry pie?! Who would deny someone a little a la mode.

Kansas has no state foods but what Kansas is known for is Kansas City BBQ! After much reading on regional BBQ I found out that what sets Kansas apart is the barbecue sauce. It is a tomato based sauce that is sweet, spicy and tangy. Kansas City bbq has also made popular the "burnt end" which is the delicious end piece of meat when it is smoked. It's chard and smoky and just full of umami.

The Kansas City pie is a slow cooked pulled pork pie with a jalapeño corn bread crust and home made BBQ sauce. Yes it is all cradled in a regular pie crust to hold it together like the snuggle blanket you need to burrito yourself in after a big BBQ meal while you nap away. This pie will stick to your bones for sure. (I ate two slices WHOOPS! a moment on the lips forever on the hips)

This pie is for my boss Emily! Emily hails from Boulder, CO but she ventured off from sprawling hills to the flatlands of Kansas to attend Kansas University where she studied Industrial Design and made fine friendships. Only the fondest memories in Kansas for her in the state that is "as big as you think". Her baby Ellis even wore a U.K. shirt for pie delivery day! Little gem!

On to the next "K" state that I will bake while I sip a mint julep.



IOWA - Pie #15 of 50 - Patrick Gannon & Saranden Seip

State Snack: S'mores

I have never been to Iowa!
When I think about Iowa I think about CORN, sprawling corn fields and farm lands. I think about the phase "corn fed American man" and think that ya know maybe they are all from Iowa.
I imagine that when I finally do get to Iowa I'll just run through corn fields with a corn on the cob in my mouth and climb bales of hay and drink a lot of beer.

I did a little research on this state and found out some pretty dope facts.
Iowa is the only state that starts with two vowels and is the only state who's east and west borders are 100% formed by water from the Missouri and Misissipi rivers.
Also the capital Des Moines, that fancy name translates to "River of the Monks". Which is pretty epic!
Iowa is also home to Quaker Oats which is based in Cedar Rapids and its the largest cereal company in the world!

The state snack of Iowa is s'mores so I decided to make a s'mores pie! It's a homemade graham cracker crust, chocolate fudge filling with a home made toasted marshmallow topper.

I only know one person from Iowa. That person is Patrick Gannon. Patrick Gannon is one of those dudes where you have to say his first and last name together when referencing him always. He is a corn fed American man. I met Patrick Gannon in Savannah,GA both of us went to SCAD and both of us liked to drink. So we got along famously. Patrick Gannon also told me once that in his family's barn in Iowa he put cat food on his body and let a bunch of kittens eat food off him. That's was a pretty weird but the story stuck with me. Patrick Gannon loves cats. So this pie is dedicated to my weird buddy.

This pie is being received by Saranden Seip! Saranden is marrying her love Rick in Iowa later this year! She is the mom of a sweet pup named Stevie Licks and is the older sister of my old intern and lovely friend Sierra Seip who got the Arizona pie! We are keeping it in the family! This pie was Sierra and my wedding present to the happy couple!

Iowa thank you for your Life Changing; Fields of Opportunity in both in a literal and physical sense!

On to the two "K" states!



INDIANA - Pie #14 of 50 - Whitney Sharpe

State Pie: Sugar Cream Pie

Indiana "The Hoosier State" but like what is a Hoosier what does it mean?! So I did a little research.
There isn't a clear cut answer there are many different theories about how the word Hoosier came to be and it's connection to Indiana. The earliest known use of the there was found in a letter from 1827 that said "there is a yankee trick for you - done up by a Hoosier."
In 1848 Hoosier was defined as "a nickname given at the west to natives of Indiana." In a poem by John Finley the term is referred to less about the pioneers of Indiana and used more to describe the qualities they posses like self reliance and bravery.
So there isn't a clear meaning or a clear story of how it came to be so the mystery lives on!

Indiana is known as the covered bridge capital of the world! In its historic park county alone it has 32 covered bridges. (Kate & Meridith explained covered bridges to me recently because I've never been under one or really seen one up close before). I've never been to Indiana so I guess I have to go!
Indiana is also responsible for feeding my boss Emily and I's popcorn addiction. It produces more than 20% of Americas supply.
Santa Claus, IN receives from thank half a million "Dear Santa" letters a year!!

Indiana has a state pie! It has been the state pie since 2009!
It is the sugar cream pie. This style of pie is also known as "desperation pie". This 160 year old recipe which dates back to when Indiana received its statehood in 1816 was used when the apple bins were empty. The popular theory is that this pie originated from Amish And Shaker communities but technically the pie predates the Amish since they didn't arrive till the 1830's.
The pie is also known as a "finger" pie since you need to stir the filling (I guess with your finger) during the baking so that the custard doesn't break the bottom crust.
I personally stirred it once with a spoon and then shook it every 8 mins while it baked so it would bake evenly.

The Indiana pie is for my long time friend and boss lady Whitney Sharpe! I met Whitney in the first week of SCAD she is a lovely, beautiful, strong and talented ceramic artist. Her company is The Latch Key give it a look! Her stuff is beyond beautiful. Whitney lives in Oakland but happen to be in NYC the week I was making this pie so I got to give it to her in person!

You are truly Honest to Goodness Indiana!

Now on to a state with life changing fields of opportunity.



ILLINOIS - Pie #13 of 50 - Brita Gaffney, Taryn Haas, Kendal Croix, Lani Tiberghien, Kate Pixlar, Michelle Obama. Received by Viridiana Liberman

Illinois! Is more than just Chicago it is nicknamed "The Prairie State". 

Some fun facts about Illinois it is home to the  North America's tallest building (Sears Tower), where the world's first aquarium opened (1893 in Chicago) and where the first skyscraper was built (1885 in Chicago). 

I have never been to Illinois but it's on the list. I want to try a deep dish pizza and get whipped around by the wind.

Every time I think about Illinois I think of these things Michael Jordan cause he played for the Chicago Bulls (I'm pretty sure I still have my Jordan 23 Bulls a Jersey that I bought to wear as a dress with my stiletto Tims and huge hoop earrings. Don't ask) and the way Paul Rudd says "DA BEARS" in the movie "I Love You, Man". So yeah I guess also of my thoughts as centralized in Chicago but it's a much bigger picture than that with farmland, forest, rolling hills and wetlands. 

Illinois has a state pie! It's the Pumpkin Pie! I thought I would jazz it up a little and make it a deep dish since the state is also know to make there pizza oh so deep and oh so dishy! So here we are! 

This pie is for a multitude of people! It is for the sweetest pair of friends Kate Pixler & Lani Tiberghien, for my SCAD lady Brita, for Taryn who understands the importance of understanding the subtle differences between how Clarissa explains it all and Sabrina the teenage witch, all round tropicat (tropical cat) Kendal Croix, my long time friend and girl I always wanted to be in high school from Hong Kong Petrina Chiu who went to college there and calls the state home. It is for MICHELLE OBAMA! What can be said that hasn't already. You are the ultimate role model. You are woman. 

I am gifting this pie to Viri! Her dad and stepmom were born and raised in Chicago! So she gets to enjoy this deep dished glory on behalf of everyone listed above. 

Illinois you are the Land of Lincoln and I honestly agree. 

Now in to "The Hoosier State"



IDAHO - Pie #12 of 50 - Katie LiButti

State Vegetable/Food: Potato
State Fruit: Huckleberry 

Idaho was named after the Native American word "ídaahę" which means "the land of many waters".

It is called the "Gem State" because nearly every known type of gemstone has been found in the state of Idaho!

Idaho is famous for potatoes, producing about one third of the potatoes grown in the United States (I have never met a potato I didn't like). But did you know he first potato in America was planted in New Hampshire in 1719 and wasn't brought to Idaho till 1836 by Henry Harmon Spalding to help the Nez Peirce tribe grow their own food. 

I have never been to Idaho but from photos I've seen it can only be described as lush, sprawling and beautiful.

Western Idaho is home to Hells Canyon which is the deepest gorge in North America, 7,993 ft deep deeper than the Grand Canyon which is 6000 ft deep. 

The Idaho pie is a mash potato pie with a hash brown crush and a scallop potato topper! Potatoes three ways for a state whose slogan was formerly "Famous Potatoes". I didn't include tater tots which to quote my sister Seraphina "sweet potato tater tots are one of my favorite things about America" but aren't hash browns really kinda tater tots that have fallen apart?!

I know no one from Idaho. The only thing I do know is that my friend Caitlin Gossen who looks just like Taylor Swift married her love there many moons ago and it was gorgeous! This pie is going to get consumed by myself and my lady friend Katie LiButti who when I scream IDAHO she always hollers back U DA HO and that's what friendship is all about. 

Idaho I hope to breath your fresh air and see your sprawling lands sooner than later. Thank you for giving us "Great Potatoes, Tasty Destinations" 

On to a state that's deep and dishy.



HAWAII - Pie #11 of 50 - Stacey Mei Yan Fong (Me!)

State Muffin: Coconut Muffin

Hawaii is one of my most favorite places on earth. I have always loved everything about it, the sun, the sand, the culture and the open ocean. When I was little I would watch South Pacific on repeat and sing the song "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair" without really a clue as to what it meant. I have since found out. One of my top ten favorite songs of all time is "Can't Help Falling In Love" Elvis sang in the movie Blue Hawaii which was one of my favorite movies as a kid. My friends recently threw me a "Slutty Tiki" surprise birthday party so you can see the love is unwavering. 

In 1995, I was 7 years old and my father took on a project with the company he was with at the time to rebuild a resort on Oahu. That year I lived in the empty hotel with my family and the hotel staff while the renovated the resort. It was A DREAM. We travelled the 24 hours it took to get there from Hong Kong on Japan Airlines and my life would be forever changed. The resort had a private beach, a dolphin lagoon and a staff of the kindest people I have ever met. Some of which I still talk to today. I spent my days exploring the resort and its surrounding areas with my hair in braids, my toes in the sand and my heart full of sunshine. Some of my happiest memories as a child were from that year. Feeding the dolphins and learning everything I could about them (I wanted to be a marine biologist but then realized i sucked at biology and have a fear of small turtles), stealing the luggage carts with my sisters and riding down the hotel hallways. In that year alone I consumed an insane amount of poké, pineapples and coconut flavored drinks. 

So Hawaii's pie is a Coconut cream pie with a graham cracker crust and a pineapple upside down cake topper. A little 60's flair for one of my favorite states in the 50 to get "lei'd" in. 

I'm taking Hawaii for myself, I hold the state so close to my heart. It is also dedicated to my family, especially my Papa for without him the trip would have never happened and its for all the staff members of the Kahala Mandarin Oriental during that time, especially a dolphin named Hoku who I told all my hopes and dreams too that year. 
"The Islands of Aloha" I know they say only fools rush in but I can't help falling in love with you. 



GEORGIA - Pie #10 of 50 - Patrick Racheff

Georgia the only "G" state

State Prepared Food: Grits
State Fruit: Peaches
State Vegetable: Visalia sweet onion

Georgia is always on my mind. Georgia was and is one of my homes (YAY SAVANNAH). I went to college in a Georgia (YAY SCAD!). I lived in Georgia for four years. Georgia is where I feel I truly grew up. It's where I learnt I could chug a beer wicked fast, it's where I felt true heartbreak for the first time, it's where I learnt and honed all the skills I have today physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally. 

Georgia will be a part of me with every peach I eat where the juice runs down my face. 

Georgia's pie is a stewed sweet tea peach pie with brown sugar pecan crumble! Sickly sweet and oh so charming. 

Georgia is for my roommate of 6 years and the brother I've always wanted Patrick Racheff. Patrick & I met in college. We would sit in gallery espresso in Savannah, GA drink tea and bitch about life. Then we would go to Target. Patrick & I packed a large moving truck and drove up to New York together. He lives with me and puts up with me constantly baking pies he doesn't get to eat and and my endless growing collection of what he calls "frick frack and brick a brack". It's stuff I like collecting things like the little mermaid. It's also for his family his dad Tony, mom Kath, his brother Stephen and his wife Sarah! Thanks for letting me spend holidays with y'all. 

Georgia is also for everyone I went to college with thank you for making me the woman I am today. It is for the Atkins Family. Cobra especially thank you for taking such good care of me while I was there. It is for Cheryl Day and Back and the Day bakery for keeping me well fed. It is for The Rail Pub where I drank, sang, kissed and had a grand old time. It is for Swoops ATL the worst moped gang ever. 

LAST but not least thank you to the Savannah College of Art and Design. I owe all my greatest knowledge, my greatest loves and greatest friendships to you. 

Georgia you are always on my mind... and in my heart. 

Now on to some island vibes with the only "H" state. 



FLORIDA - Pie #9 of 50 - Danielle Lamotte, Megan Balch & Jaime Barker

Florida the only "F" state
State Beverage: Orange Juice
State Fruit: Orange
State Pie: Key Lime Pie

Florida! I know Florida gets a lot of shit for being a whacko state but i've only felt the sunshine from the tail end of the east coast.

Ever since I went to Disney World for the first time when I was a tiny tot to when I went back last month to celebrate my friend Suzy who's a bride to be. Florida has treated me with nothing but sunshine, daiquiris and good times.

Florida has a state pie! Key Lime Pie to be exact! So i thought I would oblige.
Its a Key Lime Pie with key limes straight from the sunshine state, a home made graham cracker crust and whipped cream of course! Let me tell you making graham crackers for the crust in heart shapes and crushing them up was a pretty swell time.

This pie is for a multitude of people I love.
This is getting consumed by the three girl bosses at Flagpole Swim who grew up together in the sunshine, by the ocean and with the sand in between their toes, Danielle Lamotte, Jaime Barker & Megan Balch. Whenever i'm with the three of them it's like the first day at the beach on the first day of summer, splendid.

This pie is also dedicated to my second familia The Jones Family (Darrell, Allison, Haley my dream girl & Hayden LHTCB) I am the rebellious daughter you never wanted but got anyway, The Dusch Family (Suzanne, Frank, Toaster & Suzy who call Florida home) if your home could be recreated in the Sims I hope I would be the Sim that lived in it and The Van Meter Family (John, Katie, Jenny and i guess Libby ;P) thank you for every dinner at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and for the fun times driving around Celebration in the NEV.

I would also like to thank Publix grocery stores from Winter Haven, FL. Your sub sandwiches give me life.

Florida you truly are the Sunshine State.

Next the one and only "G" state

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Nation's Capital

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Nation's Capital

WASHINGTON D.C. -  The Nations Capitol - Alex Collins

So technically Washington the federal District of Columbia sandwiched between Maryland & Virginia is not a state, but it is the nation's capital! (could be a state soon)

This pie is coming out on Election Day 2016. This presidential race between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton has been a roller coaster to say the least but I have faith in my heart America will make the right decision. 

I have only been to D.C once for about 30 mins when I was taking the bus with Paul to Virginia for Thanksgiving 2016. His mother Melanie picked us up from the D.C bus station.

I do feel I need to go back just so I can see the White House, the Lincoln memorial (I want to eat a sandwich on the steps) and Julia Child's kitchen in the Smithsonion. I do have a romantic idea of leaving a stick of butter there the way Julie Powell did in Julie & Julia (which I used to watch every time I was sad and I always skipped over the Julie parts just so I could get more Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci screen time chemistry).

So for D.C. I have decided to do a cherry pie with a crust portrait of George Washington the first president of the United States. I only recently learnt about the story of George Washington and the cherry tree and thought for this district pie this was appropriate. Plus DC hosts one of the largest cherry blossom tree festivals outside of Japan.
I've been looking for a placemat with all the presidents like all the kids in America I feel had. Think I should go to DC and get myself one.

This pie is for Alex Collins. I went to college with AC but officially met him when I was at the pit of one of the worst hangovers in my life at the Brazilian restaurant Miss Favela's in Williamsburg with a live band blasting for Lauren Rinaldi's birthday. PIT OF SADNESS! But from sadness comes beautiful friendship. AC gave me some of my favorites patches that he designed himself, space camp themed which I have sewn on my most favorite jean jacket. Our friendship was further cemented when we went upstate for a weekend to what we all refer to as "Camp Moreno" and we built beautiful wizard staffs out of all the beers we consumed that weekend.

D.C. Is also dedicated to BO OBAMA! The cutest Obama pup. (Sorry sunny) Amy Hedgepath who lives there now with her beautiful pup and fiancé. Anne Mallett who lives there now with her cute pup Atlas and to my friend who thought me to never trust a big butt with a smile David "Dr. Dave" Moscati and his pup Sacha.

D.C. Thank you for celebrating & discovering the American experience.

On to the "F" states!




DELAWARE - Pie #8 of 50 - Joe Biden & Stephani Stilwell

Delaware the only "D" state!
State Dessert: Peach Custard Pie

Delaware gifted me a state dessert that's oh so sweet! Ending the summer with this Peach Custard beauty!

Delaware was the first state to be declared a state and the first state where peaches were planted and grown in the 17th century!

This pie is dedicated to the coolest VP and long time crush of Leslie Knope, Vice President Joe Biden. Who served the state for 36 years in the US senate before becoming the 47th Vice President of the United States! I wrote a letter to the White House seeing if I could gift Joe Biden the pie. No reply yet I bet Bo or Sunny Obama probably stole the letter from the mail man since it probably smelt like warm butter and sugar.

This pie is also dedicated too a very talented pattern pioneer Stephani Stilwell who was introduced to me by the king of swoops and loops Brian Kaspr. Stephani resides in Delaware were she creates most fanciful and beautiful things. She even did a beautiful illustration of my Delaware pie recipe! Next time I'm anywhere near Delaware expect a surprise pie delivery.

Delaware in most and almost all cases "It's good to be first"

Next up a district not a state!



CONNECTICUT - Pie #7 of 50 - Kyle Miklave, Lauren Rinaldi & Julia Grunwalski
Connecticut! The last of the "C" states!
State Cookie: Snickerdoodles
State Dessert: Ice Cream
State Prepared Dish: Mystic Pizza

Connecticut is coming in hot with the state desserts and food! Snickerdoodles coincidentally are my most favorite kind of cookie! So a snickerdoodle soufflé pie! Sweet and simple for this member of the tri state.

I spent 2 summers as a teenager in New Haven, CT at summer camp at Yale where I threw video cameras at walls, made sculptures with the pieces, fell for American boys, listened to "pieces of me" by Ashlee Simpson on repeat, went to my first baseball game, had my first taste of "Chinese" food in take out boxes, wore really frosty lip gloss and explored and fell for the North East.
I road tripped it to Connecticut with Lauren to deliver the pie! We all met at Claire's Cornucopia in New Haven where as a teenager I'm pretty sure I consumed my body weight in their vegetarian nachos.

This pie is going to three very special people in my life:
Kyle Miklave. Kyle is one of my best friends from college we rip each other apart only to build each other back up. He has always been there for me when I need a buddy to drink PBRs, scream sing punk songs too but most importantly to have deep meaningful conversations with in our underwear while eating sub sandwiches and watching rom coms.
Julia Grunwalski. Julia is Kyle's lady and I couldn't be happier he started dating her and introduced us. It was love at first whiskey shot. She has become a staple in my life and always keeps me updated on what lipstick I should be wearing and my heart in the right place.
Last but not least Lauren Rinaldi. I have known Lauren since the first week of college. We met almost a decade ago when she asked me if I wanted to join the SCAD cheerleading team. I'm pretty sure I was an absolute bitch to her and probably flicked her off but she gave me a second chance and here we are ten years later singing tunes, going on road trips and I couldn't imagine living in New York without her smile.

This pie is also dedicated to a one of "KB's Bandits" and absolute dime Chloe Post.

Connecticut you sure are "Full of Surprises"!



COLORADO - Pie #6 of 50 - Emily Foelske & Dan Gleason

I want to start by saying I love Colorado. I have only been once but I have never breathed air so fresh and been so happy in my entire life to be roaming around in the snow. Also I had the most bomb Mexican food rivaled only by Mexican food I've had in California. Maybe the west is calling me who knows?! I FREAKING LOVE COLORADO.

Colorado has no state foods UGH but you know what comes from Colorado? Coors. What I love about Coors is that with a Coors you always think you're going to a party but you end up at a banquet. A beer pie though? Gross! So I did a little more research and it lead me to bison! Bison kick it and chill it at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge living their majestic lives. So here you go a bison Coors stew pie with an herbed crust and a little fun and fancy crust decoration. The bison I got from Roaming Acres Farm they have the best unique meat in the tri state area and amazing dog bones and treats for yah pups too. I painted the little Buffaloes with espresso for a little dark brown finish. I arranged them in a fun "roaming" pattern too. Get it? Haha

Colorado I hope to see you sooner than later if anyone wants to go holler at me I'll drive, I'll buy beer and let's be honest I'll bake a pie for the road trip too. Feel free to ask Charles Woodbury and Jake Davis for a testimonial on my road trip hand pies. Because driving a car should never hold you back from eating pie.

This pie is going to my boss Emily who grew up in Boulder and my favorite ray of sunshine Dan who grew up just over the mountain from the Coors brewery. I sit between them at work and I couldn't be happier to be the meat in our design office sandwich!

This pie is also dedicated to a few fine folks who call this state home! My college roommate Jessica Chavez and her big little sister Tina Chavez you guys are the tiniest people with the biggest hearts. My constant source of design inspiration Kyle Read and his beautiful lady Hannah Radner. Caitlin McNeill and her hound dog Anne bananeeee! And last but not least to a beautiful baby pup Jackson Woodbury. I made Jack a mini version of the pie shaped like a buffalo cause I love him so.

Colorado you are the centennial state but I know you will always serve me fresh air and fond memories daily!

See you sooner than later.



CALIFORNIA - Pie #5 of 50 - Lauren Vass

Starting the C states off with a state that is near and dear to my heart! It's home to just some of the greatest people and pups (AsparaGUS Phillips I'm talking about you pug) I've ever come to know! The love for northern and Southern California is equal.

State Fruit: Avocado
State Grain: Rice
State Vegetable: Artichoke
State Nut: Almond

So the obvious thing would be for me to make a pie with some sort of avocado situation since on most menus if it tells you that it's got avocado on it it must be from California. The thing is hot avocados kinda gross me out maybe its the texture. So here is my interpretation of some of the above ingredients minus the avocado.

It's a artichoke pie with a savory almond crumble and a red wine reduction (the wine is from California)! A little from the north and a little from the south of the state. Thought the acidity of the red wine would be nice with the creamy artichoke filling.

California what can I say about you! From the beach, to the vineyards to the mountains.
You're home to one of my all time favorite breakfast foods ( "The Rebel Within" at Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco), you are home to the bakery I constantly have dreams about ( Tartine Bakery - Chad Robertson you flour covered babe), you are home to Thomas Keller (the fried chicken dinner at Ad Hoc honestly changes lives). Fremont Diner gets a notable mention for good vibes and pie out of a Shasta trailer (literally my life goal).

California is home to countless national parks, Big Sur, US route 1 (which I drove down for my 21st birthday with Zach and Jess in a bomb ass Dodge Charger).
The list is honestly endless.
I love California deep and true.

This pie is going to one of the only California natives that left the west coast and lives out east with me Lauren Vass! My birthday twin and the queen of cool. College and Fibers wouldn't have been the same without your sweet soul to hang time chill time with.

This pie is also dedicated to all the peeps that call the golden state home!
You know who you are their are literally too many of you to name xoxo

Honorable mention to Zach Marshall. You kid took me to the holy grail of taco places in Marina del rey. El tarasco is king.

California : Eureka! You are the golden state!



Pie #4 of 50 - June 2016 - Kat Ryals

From two states with absolutely no state foods Arkansas you are coming in HOT with representative state foods!!
State beverage: Cow's milk
State fruit/vegetable: South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato
State Grain: rice
State Grape: Cynthiana
State Nut: Pecan

I was seriously spoilt for choice! So I thought I would try my hand at a savory pie!
So here ya have it! A heirloom tomato and cow's milk cheese pie with an herbed crust! The cheese and tomatoes are from the Prospect Park farmers market and the herbs are from the window sill in my kitchen.

This pie is for Kat Ryals. Kat is the only other person who I can truly say loves Dolly Parton and Katy Perry as much as I do. She also like me appreciates a good themed outfit and the fact that she finally got the baby Pom pup she has always wanted let's me know that dreams really do come true when you wish hard enough!

This pie is also dedicated to a constant source of joy in my life Olan (Kent) Reeves! Thank you for making all the fibers classes we took in college together and every trip to Joann's so enjoyable. You are sunshine on a cloudy day, a constant inspiration to keep crafting and too arrange things in rainbow order! Stay golden lovely!

This is the end of the A states!

Arkansas you are now the natural state but let's be honest you'll always be the land of opportunity to me!

Knock knock California, Colorado & Connecticut you're up next!!



Pie #3 of 50 - June 2016 - Sierra Seip

Another state with no state fruits or foods! C'mon Arizona! So I put my thinking cap on and googled food products commonly found/eaten in the area and came up with the prickly pear!

Let me tell you finding a prickly pear cactus fruit in NYC was a huge huge challenge. I called about every grocer in the greater New York City, Brooklyn and Queens area with no luck! All my co-workers checked all the stores around them and in New Jersey too with no luck! I was about to lose faith and just throw caution to the wind and order fruit online, where the shipping is just as much as the fruits itself and you have no idea what you are getting UGH!

But not all hope was lost!

Who came to the rescue? THE SEIP FAMILY OF ARIZONA! I knew I wanted to give this pie to Sierra Seip for a reason! A huge huge thanks to her brother Colin for picking them up for me and shipping them so quickly!

So like I said above this pie is for Sierra Seip one of the best interns I have ever had the pleasure of working with! This pie wouldn't have ever gotten made without you and your sweet family! Thank you thank you thank you!

Voila! A prickly pear pie with blushing apples and candied ginger! Had a little fun with the crust. The coyote cut out with a cookie cutter my roommate Patrick got me from Arizona while he was visiting his parents when they were living there and a little experimentation of painting crusts with a beet "paint" mixture I cooked up.

This pie truly took a village to make. THANK YOU to everyone who helped out its very very appreciated! Beyond words! Pie anytime you want you know who you are! (Sierra, Colin, Emily, Kirsten & Amy)

Arizona : The Grand Canyon state. You truly are grand.

Side bar: I'm totally taking myself to the Grand Canyon when I complete my pie project and I'm going to sit with my feet dangled off the edge in silence, drink never ending PBRs and watch the sun rise and set till my hearts content.



Pie #2 - May 2016 - Alex Miller

The last frontier!

So Alaska doesn't have a state fruit, a state nut, not even a stat pastry! but what Alaska does have is a great dessert named after it with variations and origins in the United States and in Hong Kong! Which is pretty amazing cause I grew up in Hong Kong and now live in the U.S. of A!

So here ya go! this is a baked Alaska pie with homemade vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream topped with the soft peaks of a toasted meringue!

This pie was a doozy took about 48 hours to complete including a lot of waiting for things to set up, churn and freeze. So as you can imagine there was a lot of movie watching, singing loudly with my eyes closed and snacking while I was waiting for everything to set up. 


So this pie is for Alex Miller. He isn't from Alaska but he is spending the endless summer in the last frontier and since I can't ship an ice cream pie for once in my life I get to have my pie and eat it too!

Kelsie, Chuck, Patrick and I consumed it on his behalf. I promise to make him another one when he comes back. 

I couldn't find one person from Alaska! I guess i'll just have to go and make some new friends!

Alaska you are beyond my dreams but within my reach.




Pie #1 - May 2016 - Adam Porter

The pie is a peach, black berry pie with a salted pecan brown sugar crumble topping. 


The state fruit of Alabama is the blackberry, the state tree fruit is the peach and the state nut is the pecan! It was great making this pie the peaches and blackberries just look so darn beautiful together and who doesn't love a crumble topping! 

This pie is for Adam Zachery Porter. The first person I ever met from Alabama. I have been to Adam's hometown and coincidentally know a bunch of people he went to high school with because they all ended up at the same college with me! (yay SCAD!) My roommate in college is from Alabama as well (yay Jessica Chavez!) shout outs to the Chavez family, Chelsea Holeman, Laura Eisle and Jennifer Hathorn. Also to the Steak Out fast food join that Jess's friend April worked at. Their baked potato is amazing. 

Fun Fact: Madison, Alabama is the first place I ever got in a girl fight defending the honor of a friend. Don't worry, I won. 

The stars truly fell on Alabama.

Kicking it off with a little stars and stripes...

Kicking it off with a little stars and stripes...

Thought I would kick off the project with a Flag pie!
What better way to start the journey than with a little stars and stripes. 

Here is the Queen Dolly Parton sining the Star Spangled Banner. Don't worry this was playing on repeat while the pie was being made. 

To the land of the free and the home of the brave.