CALIFORNIA - Pie #5 of 50 - Lauren Vass

Starting the C states off with a state that is near and dear to my heart! It's home to just some of the greatest people and pups (AsparaGUS Phillips I'm talking about you pug) I've ever come to know! The love for northern and Southern California is equal.

State Fruit: Avocado
State Grain: Rice
State Vegetable: Artichoke
State Nut: Almond

So the obvious thing would be for me to make a pie with some sort of avocado situation since on most menus if it tells you that it's got avocado on it it must be from California. The thing is hot avocados kinda gross me out maybe its the texture. So here is my interpretation of some of the above ingredients minus the avocado.

It's a artichoke pie with a savory almond crumble and a red wine reduction (the wine is from California)! A little from the north and a little from the south of the state. Thought the acidity of the red wine would be nice with the creamy artichoke filling.

California what can I say about you! From the beach, to the vineyards to the mountains.
You're home to one of my all time favorite breakfast foods ( "The Rebel Within" at Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco), you are home to the bakery I constantly have dreams about ( Tartine Bakery - Chad Robertson you flour covered babe), you are home to Thomas Keller (the fried chicken dinner at Ad Hoc honestly changes lives). Fremont Diner gets a notable mention for good vibes and pie out of a Shasta trailer (literally my life goal).

California is home to countless national parks, Big Sur, US route 1 (which I drove down for my 21st birthday with Zach and Jess in a bomb ass Dodge Charger).
The list is honestly endless.
I love California deep and true.

This pie is going to one of the only California natives that left the west coast and lives out east with me Lauren Vass! My birthday twin and the queen of cool. College and Fibers wouldn't have been the same without your sweet soul to hang time chill time with.

This pie is also dedicated to all the peeps that call the golden state home!
You know who you are their are literally too many of you to name xoxo

Honorable mention to Zach Marshall. You kid took me to the holy grail of taco places in Marina del rey. El tarasco is king.

California : Eureka! You are the golden state!