Pie #1 - May 2016 - Adam Porter

The pie is a peach, black berry pie with a salted pecan brown sugar crumble topping. 


The state fruit of Alabama is the blackberry, the state tree fruit is the peach and the state nut is the pecan! It was great making this pie the peaches and blackberries just look so darn beautiful together and who doesn't love a crumble topping! 

This pie is for Adam Zachery Porter. The first person I ever met from Alabama. I have been to Adam's hometown and coincidentally know a bunch of people he went to high school with because they all ended up at the same college with me! (yay SCAD!) My roommate in college is from Alabama as well (yay Jessica Chavez!) shout outs to the Chavez family, Chelsea Holeman, Laura Eisle and Jennifer Hathorn. Also to the Steak Out fast food join that Jess's friend April worked at. Their baked potato is amazing. 

Fun Fact: Madison, Alabama is the first place I ever got in a girl fight defending the honor of a friend. Don't worry, I won. 

The stars truly fell on Alabama.