NEW HAMPSHIRE - Pie #29 of 50 - Charles & Kelsie Woodbury

State Fruit: Pumpkin
State Vegetable: White Potato

I have been to New Hampshire! I went a couple summers ago for Kelsie & Chuck's wedding in Hebron, NH by Newfound Lake and fell in love with the state. I had a grand old time, dancing bare foot in the grass, swimming in lakes & swimming holes and soaking in the summer sun with all my favorite people.

New Hampshire was named after the town of Hampshire in England. It is 1 of the original 13 colonies and the 1st to declare its independence from England. New Hampshire did this a full 6 months before the declaration of Independence was signed. 

The 1st potato planted in the US was in Londonderry, NH and the 1st free public library was opened in 1833 in Peterborough, NH. 

The state slogan “Live Free or Die” comes from a statement written by the revolutionary General John Stark. 

New Hampshire is beautiful from the white mountains to the lakes the band PWR BTTM said it best “When I die please bury me in New Hampshire I really like the leaves”. One of the most famous natural landmarks in the state was the granite profile “Old Man of the Mountains” (RIP) which was carved by nature. 

The pie for New Hampshire is a maple pumpkin pie! The maple syrup I used in the pie is from Middle Branch Farm in New Boston, NH. Maple syrup fact 40 gallons of sap makes 1 gallon of maple syrup. (Lotta sap, little full).

New Hampshire is for a couple of my two favorite people Charles & Kelsie Woodbury from New Boston, NH. The friendship & adventures we’ve been on & the ones to come. Life is better with these guys in it. Kelsie is my favorite person to listen sad cowgirl songs with & Chuck is my favorite person to shoot the shit with on a Sunday afternoon. 

The pie is also dedicated to everyone I know from New Hampshire which is a hell of a lot of people for a girl that grew up 9000 miles away. I love all of you with my whole heart. There must be something in the water up north cause you guys are some of the most handsome, beautiful & loveliest people I’ve ever met.

Thank you all so much for loving me so well.