MARYLAND - Pie #20 of 50 - Peirce Kea & Jess Lord

State Food: Blue Crabs
State Dessert: Smith Island Cake

I have been to Maryland! Last year Kelly, Javi, Britney, 3 cases of La Croix and I went on a road trip to Salisbury, MA to see our sweet friends Peirce & Alex get married! Bonus points cause queen bee Jess Lord married them and Darren was there too! It was the most fun wedding and we all slept in Jess and Darren's RV we parked in Peirce's drive way. We even ordered a pizza to the RV! Shout out to Michael the delivery guy for coming into the RV to bring us late night dominos. We still talk and think about you to this day.

When I think of Maryland I think of three things Blue Crabs, John Waters & The Wire.
Maryland is often referred to as "American in Miniature" since it has the widest variety of terrains from mountains, farmland, beaches to sand dunes. Maryland also gave up some of its land to form Washington D.C.!
The Star Spangled Banner was written. T Francis Scott Key a Maryland Lawyer on Sept 14th 1814. O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

The pie I chose to make is an old bay blue crab dip pie with a spicy old bay crust! Since Maryland is the national leader in the production of Blue crabs. I must say it was friggin delicious! Future party app old bay pie crust chips with crab dip.

Maryland is for Peirce Kea & Jess Lord. We all went to SCAD together and built our friendship on countless PBRs at The Rail. Peirce and Jess were in town for Kelly's roller skating 30th pizza party so I got to give them the pie then!
Maryland is also dedicated to John Waters. He was born in Baltimore and is responsible for making one of my favorite movies "Cry Baby" and writing on of the most interesting books I've ever read "Car Sick" about hitch hiking across America. I got the chance to meet him at a book signing in Dumbo with my friend Chuck. It was a dream come true!
Shout out also to my other Maryland loves Andy Mangold, Hillary Edwards and their sweet pup Sadie who I finally get to meet next week!

If you are looking for merry land, go to Maryland!

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