FLORIDA - Pie #9 of 50 - Danielle Lamotte, Megan Balch & Jaime Barker

Florida the only "F" state
State Beverage: Orange Juice
State Fruit: Orange
State Pie: Key Lime Pie

Florida! I know Florida gets a lot of shit for being a whacko state but i've only felt the sunshine from the tail end of the east coast.

Ever since I went to Disney World for the first time when I was a tiny tot to when I went back last month to celebrate my friend Suzy who's a bride to be. Florida has treated me with nothing but sunshine, daiquiris and good times.

Florida has a state pie! Key Lime Pie to be exact! So i thought I would oblige.
Its a Key Lime Pie with key limes straight from the sunshine state, a home made graham cracker crust and whipped cream of course! Let me tell you making graham crackers for the crust in heart shapes and crushing them up was a pretty swell time.

This pie is for a multitude of people I love.
This is getting consumed by the three girl bosses at Flagpole Swim who grew up together in the sunshine, by the ocean and with the sand in between their toes, Danielle Lamotte, Jaime Barker & Megan Balch. Whenever i'm with the three of them it's like the first day at the beach on the first day of summer, splendid.

This pie is also dedicated to my second familia The Jones Family (Darrell, Allison, Haley my dream girl & Hayden LHTCB) I am the rebellious daughter you never wanted but got anyway, The Dusch Family (Suzanne, Frank, Toaster & Suzy who call Florida home) if your home could be recreated in the Sims I hope I would be the Sim that lived in it and The Van Meter Family (John, Katie, Jenny and i guess Libby ;P) thank you for every dinner at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and for the fun times driving around Celebration in the NEV.

I would also like to thank Publix grocery stores from Winter Haven, FL. Your sub sandwiches give me life.

Florida you truly are the Sunshine State.

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