MICHIGAN - Pie #22 of 50 - Anne Patterson

I have never been to Michigan but not have I seen commercials for this state "Pure Michigan" visit the Great Lakes, fresh air, family! WAHHHH!

Michigan is known for many things. It is known as the Wolverine state even though there aren't any wolverines in Michigan anymore. It is the only state that touches 4/5 Great Lakes and apparently from anywhere you stand in the state you are 85 miles from a Great Lake. Pretty neat!

Michigan is also known for sand dunes. The Sleeping bear sand dunes flank the edges of Lake Michigan and living amongst the dunes are dwarf lake Iris's the official state wild flower. That must be some sight to see.

Detroit, MI or the car capital of the world gave us cars and the Industrial Age.
I have photos of when Ford's made it over to Singapore and my grandpa saved up and got one.
Battle Creek, MI or the cereal capital of the world is home to Kellogg's! The Kellogg's brothers discovered the process for producing cereal products accidentally and sparked the dry cereal industry. AP (Anne Patterson who the pie is for) told me that when Kellogg's burns the grape nuts the whole town knows! She also told me that Traverse City, MI is the cherry capital of the world. I found out that since Lake Michigan tempers attic winds in the winter and cools the orchards in the summer making it perfect for growing cherries!

Michigan has no state foods but from all the info I learned I decided to bake a cherry pie with a corn flake crust and corn flake crumble on top! a "breakfast" pie sorta!

This pie is for Anne Patterson or AP as we all like to call her! AP grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and is pure sunshine with a mega watt smile! She gives top ten best hugs I have ever received and is one half of the dynamic team that raises one of the sweetest baby buds I know, Cal! #mypalcal.

Shout out to the Women's softball team of the University of Michigan. I became a huge fan of there "making pizza" move they would do during games. I watched quite a number of games because my roommate at the time Patrick and his best friend Jeremy are huge fans of the team. I got them shirts for Christmas last year.

Michigan, you constantly remind me you are "Pure Michigan" but I'll never forget your Great Lakes, Great Times; More to see Water/Winter Wonderland. (The longest former state slogan ever)